About us

I can assist you if you are a firm believer in health and fitness and want to do something for your team.

As the creator of Field Goals Fitness, I am responsible for leading a group of health and fitness specialists that are committed to helping Australians live a more active and healthier lifestyle. I like assisting people and organizations in achieving long-term success with their health and fitness objectives by using a warm, pleasant, and supporting approach that produces results.

In 2009, I became a certified personal trainer, which was a watershed moment in my life. I spent 14 years in corporate America in Business Development jobs before deciding to create my own company using what I had learned in sales and marketing.

Field Goals Fitness, along with its new flagship program, The 12 Week Corporate Challenge, offers training and nutrition advice to individuals and businesses around Australia. We’ve assisted over 1000 individuals around Australia thanks to our staff of 13 fitness coaches.

We started the Urban Dash program in 2011 as a business team-building activity. Since then, the Urban Dash has expanded to meet a wide range of demands for every event, at any time of year. Companies such as Fox Sports, Westpac, Ernst&Young, Norman, Disney & Young, and others are represented in every major city.

The Urban Dash is now a fully operational corporate team building challenge that focuses on leadership, communication, listening skills, and teamwork as teams navigate their city, completing physical challenges and deciphering cryptic clues in the hopes of being the first to reach the finish line.


No matter where you are in Australia, I am available as a motivational speaker, corporate training specialist, and fitness coach to assist your team with:

– Urban Dash

– Corporate Fitness Seminars

– 12 Week Corporate Training Programs

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