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Arnold classic powerlifting results. Division Winners & Prize Money

Arnold classic powerlifting results, in the area of Raw competition for men’s Grand Prix, Ashton Roushka was unbeatable.
In the women’s raw competition for the Women’s Grand Prix, Samantha Calhoun worked her way up to first place.
During the Arnold Sports Festival 2022, notable athletes such as Martin Licis, Brandon Curry, Terry Mitchell, and Tamara Wilcott made news.

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What is the Arnold Classic Powerlifting Competition?

The Arnold Strongman Classic is a tournament that takes place on a yearly basis and attracts strong competitors from all over the globe. It is an outgrowth of the Arnold Sports Festival that takes place yearly in Columbus, Ohio, in the United States of America. It was established by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer.

What are the Rules of the Arnold Classic Powerifting Competition?

The Arnold Classic is an annual powerlifting competition that takes place in Columbus, Ohio. The event features a total of three lifts: the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Each competitor is allowed to lift a maximum of two weights in each of the three lifts. The total weight lifted in each event is used to determine the winner.

Arnold sports festival 2022 results: ashton roushka breaks record with 370kg squat

At the Arnold Sports Festival 2022, which took place not too long ago, there was a group of very skilled athletes who performed some incredible feats of strength. And there is no other competition that better exemplifies what it means to have “real strength” than RAW powerlifting. Today, we are going to have a look at the results of the Men’s and Women’s Grand Prix (Overall) in the RAW event that took place at the Arnold Sports Festival 2022.
Ashton Roushka @some strongash guy, who competed in the men’s division and had a total lift of 2,104 pounds despite having a body weight of 103.79 kilograms (228 pounds), emerged as the winner of the competition. During his third try, Roushka squatted 815 pounds (370 kilograms) in the Arnold Sports Festival in 2022, which was enough to break his previous record. In addition to that, he performed a deadlift of 380 kilograms (837 pounds) and a squat of 205 kilograms (452 pounds). His DOTS score was 578.667.

Roushka’s performance was so impressive that she is seriously contemplating going on to compete at the national level in the future.

With a score of 555.33 DOTS, Jon Gruden was able to clinch the second place spot at the competition, while Angel Fortino took the third place spot with 547.36 DOTS.
In the meanwhile, Samantha Calhoun, who goes by the handle @sam.s.calhoun, won the Women’s RAW category with a score of 537.44 DOTS. Her maiden national championship came in 2018, and she went on to crush the competition in the IPF Worlds in 2019 in Helsenbord, Sweden. During the deadlift competition at the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival, she set a new record for the United States by pulling a total of 517.5 kilograms (1140 pounds). The second and third place winners were named as Gabby Martinez and Claire Zai, respectively.

In addition to the RAW powerlifting competition, the Arnold Sports Festival that took place this year also included some very huge events. Among the most important elements is the account of @martinlicis. Martin Licis, the 2019 champion of the World’s Strongest Man competition, took first place in the Arnold Strongman Classic. Brandon Curry, a former winner of the Mr. Olympia competition, also took home the Arnold Classic trophy for the second time.

In addition, Strongman Terry Mitchell lifted the hammer for a total of 60.72 seconds, which set a new record for the Thor’s Hammer Hold. The previous record was 49.24 seconds, which means that he shattered the record by a significant amount. Additionally, Tamara Wilcott shattered the record for the deadlift at the Elephant bar by doing a 641-pound deadlift. The previous record was broken by her by around 20 pounds.

Saturday Night Results

On March 5, 2022, the Saturday night finals of the Arnold Classic were held at the Greater Columbia Convention Center’s Battle Grand Ballroom, and the atmosphere in the room was electric with anticipation. The event was launched off by rock veteran Dee Snider, and then it came time to announce the winners and award prizes.

Pro Wheelchair

Gabriele Andriulli defeated four-time Olympia champion and five-time Arnold winner Harold Kelley to win the Pro Wheelchair division on Saturday, March 5. After a long and exciting night on Friday, the competition began on Saturday, March 5 with the Pro Wheelchair division. Andriulli took home the win for the Pro Wheelchair division.

Gabriele Andriulli, $4,000

$2,500 is owed by Harold Kelley.

$1,500 is owed to Bradley Betts.

Chad McCrary

Bikini International

Participants in this competition were Ashley Kaltwasser, Elisa Pecini, who won the Olympia in the past, and Lauralie Chapados, who finished second in the Olympia in 2021.

These three competitors were up against the threat posed by Maureen Blanquisco, who advanced to second place ahead of both Olympia champions. Chapados took home her maiden Bikini International gold, establishing herself as the undeniable front-runner in the race to dethrone Olympia champion Jennifer Dorie, who was sitting on the sidelines throughout the competition.

Lauralie Chapados, $10,000

Maureen Blanquisco, $6,000

Ashley Kaltwasser, $4,000

Elisa Pecini, $3,000

Jourdanne Lee, $1,500

Alessia Facchin, $1,500

Lucia Malavaze

Lauren Dannenmiller

Phoebe Hagan

Allison Testu

Men’s Physique

Erin Banks, who came in second place at the Olympia in 2021 behind winner Brandon Hendrickson, was widely considered to be the favorite to win this category. During the last callout, he was joined in the middle by Emanuel Hunter, who is maybe the best he has ever been.
Erin Banks, $10,000

Emanuel Hunter, $6,000

Diogo Montenegro, $4,000

Antoine Weatherspoon, three thousand dollars

Choi Bong Seok, $1,500

$1,500 is owed to Terrence Teo Kok Hua.

Wellness International (International)

As a result of the fact that the Wellness Interational division is still in its infancy, the person who wins this competition will go down in IFBB Pro League annals as the very first Wellness International Champion.

Angela Borges had a significant amount of backing from the attendees, which was further bolstered when she was put in the spotlight beside Julia Chitarra for comparison. The judges were pleased by both of the contenders. Therefore, it was a difficult choice for them to make. In the end, the judges decide in favor of Nunes, who is now the correct response to the trivia question of who was able to walk away with the title of the very first Wellness International champion.

Isabelle Nunes, $7,000

Angela Borges , $4,000

Sunny Andrews, $3,000

Julia Chitarra, $2,000

Yarishna Ayala, $1,000

Kassandra Gillis, $1,000

Barbara Cesar

Lorena Ragusa

Devyn Cambre

It was Casey DeLong.


The Arnold Standard

Brandon Curry, a former Mr. Olympia, and William Bonac, a past two-time champion of the Arnold Classic, both had their own callout for the judges to use in determining the winner. The previous winners were put through two full rounds of posing by the head judge, Steven Weinberger, in order to increase the level of excitement among the audience.

Even before the results of the competition were released, Curry walked away with an additional $10,000 for winning the Ed Corney Best Posing prize. William Bonac was awarded the Franco Columbu Most Muscular title and an additional $10,000 for winning the competition.

The Arnold Classic itself was the most important trophy, and it would be going back to Tennessee with Curry, who is now a two-time winner of the Arnold Classic. Bonac came in second place, while Steve Kuclo maintained his position as the third-place finisher for the second year in a row.

The winner of $200,000 is Brandon Curry.

$120,000 will be paid to William Bonac.

Steve Kuclo, $70,000

Samson Dauda, $37,500

Justin Rodriguez, $20,000

Brett Wilkin, $12,500

Regan Grimes, $2,000

Maxx Charles, $2,000

Fabio Giga Rezende, $2,000

Friday Night Results

During the first night of the Arnold Classic, which took place from March 4 to 5, the Battelle Grand Ballroom was alive with activity. The winners of three different classes were determined, and the preliminary judging for the historic Men’s Open competition began.

Friday Night Results

Cydney Gillion, who has won the Figure Olympia five times, defeated a strong field of competitors to earn her second Arnold Classic Figure International championship. This definitely didn’t come as a surprise to anybody. Because she is already qualified to compete in the Olympia, no other athlete can take her spot, and as a result, she walks away with an additional $16,000 in her pocket.
Missy Truscott, who had previously won the titles of 2020 Fitness International and Fitness Olympia, was dethroned as champion by Ariel Kadhr, who was 29 years old. This result came as a surprise to many people. As the verdict was being presented by the MC, fans could be heard expressing audible disbelief. Kadhr gave an exciting performance that was heavily influenced by Arnold and included aspects from both The Terminator and Predator.

Last but not least, Terrence “Ruff Diesel” Ruffin made history by being the first athlete in the Classic Physique division to win two championships at the Arnold Classic. Because of this, he was able to collect $60,000, which is $10,000 more than the reward he was awarded at the Olympia. (He also won another ten thousand for Best Poser, giving him a total of twenty grand.)

Have a look at the finished product in the table below.

Figure International

Cydney Gillon, $16,000
Jessica Reyes-Padilla, $10,000

Lola Montez, $8,000

Nicole Zenobia Graham, $5,000

Natalya Soltero, $3,000

Bojana Vasiljevic, $2,000

Latoya Farley

Larhannah Robinson

An Da Jeong

Jennifer Wendy Fortino

Fitness International

Ariel Kadhr, $25,000

$13,000 will be given to Missy Truscott.

8,000 dollars for Jaclyn Baker

Kate Errington, $5,000

Tamara Vahn, $3,000

Allison Kramer

Minna Pajulahti

Aurika Tyrgale

Sara Kovack

Amanda Ciani

Classic Physique

Terrence Ruffin, sixty thousand dollars*

Roman Rocha Queiroz, $30,000

Urs Kalecinski, $20,000

7,000 dollars for Breon Ansley

Michael Daboul, four thousand dollars

Peter Molnar, $2,000

Divine Wilson

Darwin Uribe

Lenny Wicks

Men’s Open Pre-Judging Report

The phrase “pre-judging” refers to the sequence of eight necessary postures that contestants must do in front of the judges while standing close to one another. After evaluating each contestant in relation to the other contestants, the judges place them all into several categories (also known as “callouts”).

The bodybuilder who is placed in the middle of a callout is considered to be “top dog” and is the competitor whom the judges want to compare most to the other competitors in the field. One is seen to be more “competitive” if they are located closer to the center.

Men’s Open Pre-Judging Report

On the other hand, as you will see in the following examples, there is more than one callout. The judges examine the athletes in a number of groups in order to make their evaluations more manageable. In most cases, the best athletes are selected for the first callout, the remaining competitors (those who finished fifth through ninth in this case) are selected for the second callout, the third callout is used to reduce the top three competitors to five, and the final two callouts are used to fill out the bottom half of the roster.

Please take note that the sequence shown below goes from left to right, as if you were seeing the stage head-on.

The first callout

Brett Wilkin

Steve Kuclo

A. Curry, Brandon

The name William Bonac.

Justin Rodriguez

Callout number two for Samson Dauda

Maxx Charles

Brett Wilkin

Samson Dauda

Regan Grimes

Fabio Giga Rezende

The third callout

Steve Kuclo

The name William Bonac.

A. Curry, Brandon

Justin Rodriguez

Callout number 4

Brett Wilkin

Samson Dauda

The fifth callout

Justin Rodriguez

The name William Bonac.

A. Curry, Brandon

Steve Kuclo


The Arnold Classic Powerlifting competition is one of the most prestigious powerlifting competitions in the world. If you want to win a title and $100,000, then you should compete in this event.

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