Do wrist wraps increase bench? How much do wrist wraps add to your bench

Lifting a big barbell on the bench press requires powerful pecs and a spotter. However, don’t overlook the kinetic chain’s smaller links. The first line of defense against that hefty bar coming down into your torso is your wrists.

Even if your wrists can handle the weight, bending them back against the weight of the bar as you press up and down can cause severe pain. Bench pressing becomes painful and, in some circumstances, impossible due to wrist pain.

Wrist wraps, which are loops of cloth or leather wrapped around the joint to stabilize it, appear to be the answer. But it isn’t that simple. Overuse of wrist wraps might limit the range of motion of your wrist joint and jeopardize your bench press.

Do wrist wraps increase bench
Do wrist wraps increase bench

Wrist wraps are a useful tool to have in your training bag, but they shouldn’t become a habit.

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are a type of wrist wrap that is wrapped around the wrist to keep it secure. They give protection when pushing due to the risk of wrist overextension. Their goal is to keep your wrist in a neutral position.

Wrist Wraps

By extending the wrap’s elastic material around the wrist to form a cast-like structure, the purpose is to prevent the wrist from flexing back or forth during lifting.

Wrist wraps aid in the prevention of wrist injuries and the alleviation of wrist pain. This is important for exercises like bench press and overhead press, because the barbell must sit in the base of your palm with the load directly on a neutral wrist in these exercises.

However, as the weights get heavier, your wrist may involuntarily twist backwards. As a result, wrist wraps keep the barbell piled directly on your wrist.

When Should You Use Wrist Wraps?

When Should You Use Wrist Wraps?

Wrist wraps should only be worn during heavy pressing workouts like bench press or overhead press since they can put your wrist in a susceptible position and cause injury if you overextend it. A wrist wrap will provide support to the joint, allowing it to stay in place and reducing the risk of damage.

Only use a wrist wrap if you’re doing more than 80% of your 1 rep max for a lift. If you routinely wear wrist wraps, you’ll never strengthen the minor muscle groups that support the joint, which will become a weakness.

Pros of Wrist Wraps

Pros of Wrist Wraps
  • They have the ability to instantly stabilize the wrist joint.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • Allows you to push the limits of your wrist and forearm strength.
  • They make weights feel more manageable in the hand.
  • It’s a rather low-cost option.
  • It can be used for a variety of exercises.
  • A single pair of shoes can last up to 5 years.
  • Don’t take up too much room in your gym bag.

Cons of Wrist Wrap

Cons of Wrist Wrap
  • If you use them too often, you may develop an overdependence on them, causing further wrist instability.
  • Because of the tightness around your arm, they may be uncomfortable at first.
    Cotton wrist wraps don’t provide enough support, and velcro wrist wraps shred if not properly cared for.

Wrist Wraps: Are They Worth It?

Wrist wraps are great for lifting, especially if your wrist joints are small or weak. If your wrists don’t stay neutral when you lift, invest in wrist wraps. Furthermore, if you have a history of wrist pain, you should invest in wrist wraps.

Wrist Wraps: Are They Worth It?

Another reason to get wrist wraps is to make the weights feel lighter in your hand when lifting and to boost your confidence when lifting heavier weights in general.

Wrist wraps aren’t necessary for novice lifters, but if you have strength training experience, you should absolutely consider them. Remember that they aren’t a cure-all for shaky wrists.

Do wrist wraps increase bench: Review

Wrist wraps, as a push exercise, will not assist you raise the amount of weight you can bench press. Wrist wraps, on the other hand, may be beneficial if you’re having control troubles as a result of your bench pressing technique.

Typically, there are two techniques to bench, the scissors lift and the crescent lift, which is the favored power lifting approach. When you do a scissors lift, your elbows flare out and you drop the weight to your chest, putting a lot of strain on your rotator cuff. The scissors lift may cause injury as you raise the weight you lift.

Power lifters want to employ a method that puts a lot of pressure on your wrists so that your elbows don’t flare out from your torso.

Do wrist wraps increase bench: Review

To remove the weight from the rest, start with the barbell at your eyes and slowly lower it to your chest, allowing it to rotate in a crescent pattern down to your chest before explosively thrusting it back up in the same crescent path back to your eyes.

Because of how the weight is all down and then up in that curve, it works your pecs, as well as all of your support muscles (lats, obliques, etc.) more directly (view from the side would be the crescent shape). The scissors lift does not allow your muscles to engage in the same manner that the other lifts do.

Because of the pressure that impacts your wrists on the crescent lift, wrist wraps would be beneficial. You become acclimated to the wrist pressure after a few weeks of doing this lift. I wear gloves with a wrist strap because it keeps my wrists from getting sore.

Are Wrist Wraps Necessary When Lifting?

Wrist wraps aren’t necessary for most beginners who go to the gym. When someone asks if they need a lifting belt, squat shoes, or knee sleeves, I take the same stance.

To begin learning how to conduct exercises in the gym or to get stronger, you don’t need any of this equipment.

Are Wrist Wraps Necessary When Lifting?

However, you’ll want to start collecting this equipment at some time because it will improve your performance and allow you to fine-tune your technique beyond what you’re capable of without it.

Wrist wraps should be one of the first pieces of equipment you add to your arsenal if you have any serious lifting objectives. They’re actually a relatively low-cost investment when compared to other lifting equipment, especially when you consider the benefits you’ll receive from using them.

There are many different wrist wraps to pick from, and during the course of my 15-year powerlifting career, I’ve tried practically every brand and model. The Inzer True Gripper Wrist Wraps (click for explanation and current Amazon price) are my #1 pick.
They are available in two lengths: 20-inch and 36-inch.

For most individuals, the 36-inch will be a bit much, so I recommend the 20-inch. Whatever sport you choose, these wrist wraps will be appropriate for you.

F.A.Q do wrist wraps increase bench:

Can you lift more with wrist wraps?

The wraps lessen the strain on your muscles and joints by allowing you to lift more and more frequently while providing the necessary support. Injuries are caused by repeated strain, therefore remove the strain and get lifting!

Do wrist wraps make your wrist weaker?

Wrist wraps don’t make your wrists weaker. Wrist wraps help to maintain the natural stability of your wrist joint, which helps you lift safely.

Do elbow wraps increase bench?

If the compression is tight enough, elbow wraps can help you increase your bench press. The tighter the wraps are, the better the mobility will be. They also help you increase your bench press indirectly by providing additional stability and compression when you’re working out.


Wearing wrist wraps for bench press has various advantages, including boosting joint stability, allowing you to go over your normal tiredness limitations, preventing wrist injuries, allowing you to grasp the bar tighter, and making the weight feel lighter in your hands.

Wrist wraps are not required for beginner lifters to begin working out. Wrist wraps, on the other hand, should be an essential element of your lifting gear if you already have strength training expertise and want to improve your performance.

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