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Does overhead press work chest? Is it possible to get a 6-Pack from Overhead Press?

For good reason, the barbell overhead press is one of the big five workouts. When you do a standing overhead barbell press, it seems like it’s exercising your upper chest, but it’s not as much as we think it is.

Does overhead press work chest
Does overhead press work chest

The overhead press isn’t the best workout for chest muscle growth. It is, however, one of the major five workouts you should do. The shoulders, triceps, trapezius, abs, obliques, and serratus are the muscles that are worked. It engages the core as well as practically the entire upper body.

For the most muscular recruitment, the shoulders are the major muscle group. Even while it just works the upper chest a little, it does help you build and strengthen your chest by increasing your bench press strength.

What does overhead press mean?

What does overhead press mean?

The overhead press, often known as the military press, is a compound exercise that focuses on the shoulders to increase upper-body strength. It’s one of the main barbell lifts, along with the squat, bench press, deadlift, chin-up, and barbell row, and it’s used in both strength training and bodybuilding regimens.

The overhead press can be performed with dumbbells or kettlebells, but utilising a barbell makes the lift more stable, allowing you to lift more weight and engage more muscle mass overall. It can also be done while seated, however standing will work more muscle groups.

The overhead press works on what muscles?

The overhead press works on what muscles?

The overhead press is a large compound lift that works our shoulders well. It strengthens our front delts and side delts, broadening and enlarging our shoulders. Many muscles, like our traps, abs, and triceps, are exercised hard enough to induce muscle growth. Starting with our shoulders, the overhead press is one of the few exercises that activates both our front delts and our side delts, giving us bigger shoulders and wider shoulders.

And these muscles are usually our limiting variables, which means they’re nearly never worked hard enough to generate maximum muscle growth. As a result, it’s one of the best lifts for improving our appearance and the most important exercise in any shoulder training.

The overhead press is also fantastic for exercising our triceps’ medial and lateral heads. The overhead press, on the other hand, does not work our triceps’ lengthy head. You should add triceps isolation movements, such as skull crushers, overhead extensions, or even pullovers, if you want to create bigger triceps. You’ll be able to bulk up all three heads of your triceps this manner.

Although the overhead press works the upper chest, it doesn’t necessarily do so effectively. The flat barbell bench press, for example, works our upper chest twice as hard (study). If you want to create a bigger upper chest, you should do some incline or close-grip bench pressing.

During Overhead Press, how much of the chest is worked?

During Overhead Press, how much of the chest is worked?

The barbell overhead press is largely a shoulder workout, but it’s also a good way to build up the upper chest. The barbell overhead press will activate some muscles in the chest, mostly in the upper region of the chest. The bench press is responsible for the majority of upper-body and shoulder problems.

If someone wants to improve their physique by creating a stronger upper chest, there are a variety of additional methods available to them. However, there is good news: adding an incline bench to your workout will help you enhance your overhead press and upper chest. This is an effective method of killing two birds with one stone.

While you aren’t pressing weight while standing, you are still lifting weight at an inclination level above your head and training many of the same muscle groups. As previously said, the barbell overhead press is primarily a shoulder exercise, and a fantastic shoulder workout at that.

Even though there isn’t much muscle activity in the chest, it works most of the muscle groups that surround it.

What is the Overhead Press and how do you execute it?

What is the Overhead Press and how do you execute it?

The barbell overhead press appears to be a basic workout that you may want to skip or practise on occasion, but it can provide a variety of benefits and help you achieve your goals. It’s not as sexy as a bench press or a deadlift, but it can help you in your everyday life.

Isn’t it true that when we do an overhead press, we just lift the bar vertically straight above our heads and then lower it? Not at all, especially if you’re new to the game. Always start with just the bar and perfect your form and technique before adding weight to the bar. This is vital since you want to avoid injury and make sure you’re getting the optimum amount of muscle activation by training properly.

As a result, ideal form for the barbell overhead press should start with a tiny lean back at the hips, and you should simply go beneath the barbell as soon as you lift it on the concentric portion of the exercise, or as soon as the barbell is above our heads.

Can Bench Pressing Benefit from Overhead Pressing?

Can Bench Pressing Benefit from Overhead Pressing?

We now know that doing a standing overhead press isn’t the ideal way to strengthen and grow your upper chest. However, there is always a silver lining since increasing your overhead press power and strength can help you enhance your bench press strength.

More bench press strength equals a more developed chest. The overhead press does not directly work your chest, but it will assist you enhance your bench press strength.

The reason behind this is that the overhead press is a movement performed with the body in a horizontal position. This exercise requires overhead pressing, which naturally engages your upper back muscles and, when combined with the eccentric movement, can help you improve your bench press strength.

It’s fascinating because, despite the fact that the overhead press isn’t the best workout for developing a better chest, it is highly connected with your bench press. This certainly aids in chest muscle activation.

Is it possible to get a 6-Pack from Overhead Press?

Is it possible to get a 6-Pack from Overhead Press?

Yes, the overhead press recruits very little muscle activation in the chest, but on the plus side, you get to engage a number of other main upper-body muscular groups while training your abs and obliques.

Being able to stand while using the majority of your upper body for a pressing movement necessitates a lot of core stabilisation.

The activation of core muscles during upper body activities in women was investigated in a study. There haven’t been many research on the activity of core muscles in a standing position, despite the fact that everyday motions need us to activate our core and back muscles.

Does overhead press work chest: Review

Does overhead press work chest: Review

As others have already said, the overhead press only affects the upper chest in ideal conditions, therefore it’s a poor substitute for incline bench press, but you still neglected the rest of the chest, which is crucial for a chest of Arnold’s calibre.

However, training for a huge chest shouldn’t be very complicated; for many individuals, practising the bench press frequently enough in appropriate form while applying progressive stress is plenty; add some dips and you’re good to go.

Following that, some people may want further stimulation, thus they are asked to:

  • Rows of cables
  • Bench press (incline/decline)
  • Machines for the chest

Also, overhead is still a great exercise because it’s compound and useful, so don’t dismiss it.

F.A.Q does overhead press work chest:

Does the overhead press help you develop your chest?

You’ll work most of the main muscles in your upper body if you execute the overhead press from a standing position, including: triceps pectoralis pectoralis pectoralis pectoralis pectoralis pectoralis pectoralis pectoralis pectoralis pectoralis (arms)

On chest day, should I do overhead presses?

Although “press” usually refers to a chest workout, it can also apply to other pressing movements, such as shoulder or triceps pressing. The military barbell press is an overhead pressing activity that stimulates several upper-body muscles, but not the chest.

Is it true that the shoulder press strengthens the upper chest?

The dumbbell shoulder press is a comparable technique to the barbell stringent press that can result in significant shoulder, triceps, and upper chest hypertrophy.


For a reason, the overhead barbell press is one of the Big 5. When it comes to things like total general strength, the deadlift and this exercise are extremely similar.

When compared to other workouts like as bench press, squat, deadlift, and so on, I believe the overhead press exercise is generally underestimated. The overhead press engages and strengthens your core, as well as several other major muscular groups in your upper body.

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