How to do romanian deadlift for glutes? The most common blunders people make when performing Romanian deadlifts

If you want to bulk up your buttocks, Romanian deadlifts should be your most crucial relationship.

“RDLs are one of, if not the most, effective hamstring and glute exercises out there,” says Darin Hulslander, certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer at This Is Performance.

How to do romanian deadlift for glutes
How to do romanian deadlift for glutes

This variant on the standard deadlift focuses your glutes with pinpoint accuracy while also increasing lower back muscle and strength. RDLs would be your bae if you could only canoodle with one lower-body booty-builder again.

What Is A Romanian Deadlift for glutes And How Do I Do It?

What Is A Romanian Deadlift for glutes And How Do I Do It?
What Is A Romanian Deadlift for glutes And How Do I Do It?

Standing with your feet hip-width apart is a good idea. In front of you, hold the barbell (or medicine ball, dumbbells, etc.). Bend at the waist (not at the knees), moving your hips back as you reduce the weight towards the ground, keeping your back and legs straight.

Maintain that stance and lower yourself as far as your flexibility allows, aiming to put the barbell midway between your knees and toes.

Drive back to the starting position by engaging your glutes, contracting your hips, and locking your hips out at the top. As you lock out your hips and quadriceps, you should feel a squeeze.

Romanian Deadlifts for glutes Have Many Advantages

Romanian Deadlifts for glutes Have Many Advantages

“In that it generates strength in the glutes and hamstrings, the RDL is both a strength and mobility activity,” Hulslander explains.

According to Hulslander, the hip-hinge action is “perhaps the most crucial pattern for general movement health,” and it distinguishes the RDL from a traditional deadlift.

As a result, this move is excellent for increasing hip, hamstring, and lower back mobility. RDLs, unlike traditional deadlifts, can be performed with far less weight, reducing joint stress, he adds.

How To Include Romanian Deadlifts for glutes In Your Workout Routine

For HIIT, the move is a no-no because form is so important. However, because it generates considerable strength, it’s ideal to incorporate in a lower-body training day.

How To Include Romanian Deadlifts for glutes In Your Workout Routine

You can also incorporate it into total-body circuits by combining it with an upper-body push action such as an overhead press, pushups, or dumbbell press.

“Back muscles are also worked during RDLs, thus matching that with something almost absolutely opposite allows for recuperation as well as maintaining a higher heart rate.”

RDLs should be hit twice a week, according to Hulslander. “It’s quite hard on the body, so you want the greatest energy to execute it well,” says the author. “Sequence it at the beginning of the strength phase of your workout.”

What makes a conventional deadlift different from a Romanian deadlift?

There are a variety of deadlifts available, ranging from single-leg deadlifts to Sumo deadlifts, but they all have the same fundamental goal: to lift a weight along the front side of your body while engaging your core and posterior chain.

Romanian deadlifts are only one of the many exercises that come under this umbrella. Unlike other routines with the same name, the Romanian deadlift is specifically designed to engage your glutes and hamstrings.

What makes a conventional deadlift different from a Romanian deadlift?

A typical deadlift involves grabbing a weight from the floor and pulling it up to standing utilising your glutes and core muscles. A Romanian deadlift, on the other hand, begins with the weight at your hips, resulting in a narrower range of motion.

According to Training Mate Founder Luke Milton, “Romanian deadlifts tend to focus the hamstrings, and the move is dependent on hamstring and hip strength.” “The Romanian Deadlift is usually performed with a lighter weight than a regular deadlift and is focused on the eccentric lowering motion, rather than the concentric lifting motion, as opposed to the deadlift.”

The most common blunders people make when performing Romanian deadlifts

1. Using very heavy weight:

The most common blunders people make when performing Romanian deadlifts

While you may believe you have your regular set of heavies down pat, attempting to use them in your Romanian deadlift can cause issues.

“Because the Romanian deadlift necessitates great hip and hamstring strength, an overload of large weights paired with insufficient hamstring and hip strength almost always results in a sore lower back,” Milton explains. Furthermore, it will hinder you from doing the move properly, defeating the purpose of completing it at all.

2. Curvature of the spine:

It may take some practise, but keeping your spine totally straight as you descend down into the exercise is crucial. “You want to lower the bar as low as you can while keeping spinal extension—a flat back—and only go as low as you can while maintaining that position,” Kollath adds.

“You’ve gone too far if you feel or see rounding in your spine.” Your ability to descend as low as you can is entirely based on your own physique.

Some people will need to stop just below the knees, while others will be able to drop to the shins or even the floor, according to Kollath—but it’s critical to pay attention and stop as soon as your form begins to suffer.

F.A.Q how to do romanian deadlift for glutes:

Does Romanian deadlift work glutes?

Romanian deadlifts are more hamstring-focused than regular deadlifts. Your glutes and forearm flexors will also be worked.

Which deadlift variation is best for glutes?

This is a fantastic glute-targeting workout that can be done with or without weights. This is a balance exercise that you execute while standing on one leg. The single leg deadlift is the way to go if you want a good, balanced element to the movement.

How many deadlifts should I do for glutes?

You should lift a weight that allows you to accomplish only six to twelve repetitions for a total of six sets of deadlifts. Your gluteal muscles will round and develop as a result of this challenge.


Romanian deadlifts are a terrific exercise for strength trainers and runners alike, but like with any weightlifting routine, proper form and safety are essential.

If you need support, our friendly personal trainers at your local Gym can assist you in finding your fit and achieving your fitness objectives.

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