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Ipf world record holders, The Most Impressive Lifts in History

We are thrilled to announce the newest ipf world record holders! These athletes have worked tirelessly to achieve this amazing accomplishment and we congratulate them on their success. We can’t wait to see what they will achieve next!

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What is an ipf world record and how is it set?

Squatting, bench pressing, and deadlifting are the three exercises that make up the discipline of powerlifting. In this sport, competitors aim to lift the most weight possible in each of these three movements. It is similar to the sport of Olympic weightlifting in that it requires the athlete to perform a single-lift effort at their maximum possible weight using a barbell that is loaded with weight plates. It was once a sport known as “odd lifts,” which followed the same three-attempt pattern as powerlifting but featured a larger range of events, similar to those used in strongman competition. Powerlifting developed from this sport. Over time, the number of odd lifts was eventually standardized to its present three.

What is an ipf world record and how is it set?

In the context of competition, lifts may be carried out with or without equipment (what is known as “classic” or “raw” lifting in the IPF, respectively). For the sake of this discussion, the term “equipment” refers to a supportive bench shirt, squat/deadlift suit, or briefs. Knee wraps are only authorized to be worn in the equipped division of some federations, whereas other federations allow their usage in both the equipped and unequipped divisions of their powerlifting competitions. It is also possible to utilize weight belts, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and specific footwear; however, these accessories are not taken into account when comparing equipped lifting to unequipped lifting. [1]

There are competitions held in every region of the globe. Since 1984, powerlifting has been a sport in the Paralympic Games (just the bench press), and the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) also recognizes it as a sport at the World Games. Other federations that operate outside of the IPF have also been responsible for the sanctioning of regional, national, and even worldwide contests.

The Most Impressive Lifts in History

There are a few lifts in history which are considered to be some of the most impressive in the world.

These lifts include the deadlift, squat, and bench press. The deadlift is the most common lift in powerlifting and is often considered to be one of the most difficult lifts to perform. The squat and bench press are both compound lifts which involve more than one muscle group. These lifts can be difficult to perform and require a lot of strength and muscle power.

World records for Bavoil and Orhii at IPF World Open Classic Championships

At the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Open Classic Championships, which were held in the city of Halmstad in Sweden, both Prescillia Bavoil of France and Russel Orhii of the Virgin Islands set two world records en route to winning their respective weight classes and taking home the titles.

In the women’s 63 kilogram weight class, Bavoil achieved record lifts in the squat with 205 kilograms and the deadlift with 230.5 kilograms, in addition to a great bench press effort of 112.5 kilos.

Her total score of 548 kg put her ahead of her competitors from the Netherlands and Slovakia, Iris Scholten and Ivana Horna, respectively.

Scholten was the closest rival to Bavoil, finishing with 495 kilograms, while Horna took third place with 492.5 kg.

Orhii achieved world records in both the squat and the deadlift on his way to winning the men’s 83 kilogram division.

He finished with 841 kilograms after squatting 320.5 kilograms, bench pressing 187.5 kilograms, and deadlifting 333 kilograms.

Yanis Bouchou of France took second place with a total of 778 kilograms, while Emilio Cotti Cometti of Italy won the bronze medal with a total of 772.5 kg.

Alexander Eriksson of Sweden won the men’s 74-kilogram division by achieving a total of 727.5 kilograms after doing a squat of 245 kilograms, a bench press of 180 kilograms, and a deadlift of 302.5 kilograms.

Paul Rembauville of France came in second place with a score of 717.5 kilograms, while Yakov Ionin of Kazakhstan completed the podium with a score of 715 kilograms.

Tiffany Chapon of France won the women’s 47 kilogram competition yesterday after achieving a total score of 397.5 kilograms by squatting 150 kilograms, bench pressing 82.5 kilograms, and deadlifting 165 kilograms.

Simone Lai of Canada finished in second place with a score of 372.5, edging out Veronika Broner of Kazakhstan, who finished with the same combined score, due to Lai’s heavier body weight.

Noemie Allabert’s performance was sufficient enough to earn her victory against Shizuka Rico, another French woman, in the women’s 52-kilogram weight class.

Allabert won the competition with a total of 430 kilograms after achieving a squat lift of 157.5 kilograms, a bench press of 80 kilograms, and a deadlift of 192.5 kilograms.

Because Andrea Riley of the Virgin Islands placed third with 412.5 kg, Rico was forced to settle for second place with a total of 417.5 kilograms.
Sergei Fedosienko of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) was able to squat 230 kilograms, bench press 150 kilograms, and deadlift 260 kilograms for a combined total of 640 kilograms, which earned him the men’s 59 kilogram category.

Evgenii Mukhomedianov of the ROC finished in second place with a score of 562.5 kg.

In the men’s 66-kilogram division, ROC wrestler Sergei Gladkikh finished in second place with 687.5 kg, earning the country another medal.

But the winner was Panagiotis Tarinidis of France, who achieved a total of 692.5 kilograms with a squat of 247.5 kilograms, a bench press of 167.5 kilograms, and a deadlift of 277.5 kilograms.

Eddie Berglund of Sweden came in third place with a total of 660 kg.

Joy Nnamani of the United Kingdom completed a total of 480.5 kilograms by squatting 162.5 kilograms, bench pressing 97.5 kilograms, and deadlifting 220.5 kilograms to win the women’s 57 kilogram category.

Maria Htee of Canada finished in second place with a total of 472.5 kilograms, while Bobbie Butters of Britain ended in third with a total of 470.5 kg.

The premier competition of the IPF will go on through Sunday (October 3).

Russel Orhii Snags Two World Records At 2021 IPF World Championships

There is no break in the records. Russel Orhii, a lifter weighing 83 kilograms, established two new IPF world records in the Raw class at the 2021 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Classic World Championships, which took place in Halmstad, Sweden, from September 29 to October 3. He now holds the world record in the squat with 83 kg (320.5 kilograms), as well as the total weight lifted (841 kilograms).

On October 1, 2021, the IPF published a post regarding the couplet of records held by Orhii. You may see a list of Orhii’s greatest lifts from the meet down below:

Russel Orhii was the winner of the IPF World Championships.

IPF World Record in the Squat with 320.5 kilos (or 706.7 pounds)

The number 187.5 kg for the bench press (413.4 pounds)

The grand total was 841 kilos (1,854.3 pounds), which set a new IPF World Record.

Orhii claimed in a post on Instagram that he was citing the rapper Jack Harlow’s song “SUVs (Black on Black)” when he said that all of his boasts were turning into truths. Earlier on in the tournament, Lya Bavoil won considerable bragging rights by setting three IPF world records at 63 kilos. The French weightlifter had a performance that was nothing short of brilliant. Orhii is the athlete that will be competing on behalf of ISV or the Virgin Islands in this tournament.

Orhii isn’t a stranger to dominating with a barbell, particularly in the squat, and he has done it for quite some time. At the 2021 USAPL Nationals in June, he squatted a maximum of 323 kilograms, which is equivalent to 712 pounds, setting a new American record in the process. Since national records are established in national competitions and world records are established at international competitions, the American squat record has not been broken. (The world record that the Chinese weightlifter Shi Zhiyong has for the clean and jerk exercise is lower than the national record that he owns.)

An interesting tidbit is that Orhii broke the world record for the squat with a weight of 313.5 kg on his second try. After that, he added seven kilos to the weight of the object.
When it comes to the Deadlift record, Orhii’s pull of 333 kg is his personal best in that lift category. His previous best, as reported by Open Powerlifting, was 327.5 kilograms (722 pounds), which is the same weight he lifted in the USAPL Nationals earlier this year.

The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) said that Orhii had some competition in the deadlift. 330 pounds were dragged behind Yanis Bouchou (below his previous world record of 331). Christian Ayandokun of the United Kingdom made an effort to pull 331.5 kg, but the weight got away from him. Asein Enahoro of Hungary successfully pulled 332.5 kilos, setting a provisional world record in the process. However, Orhii ruined his celebration with his 333-kilogram pull, which caused everyone to leave early.

In spite of the fact that Orhii’s deadlift set a record at the time, Enahoro ultimately pulled 336 kilos.

Because of the IPF’s decision to suspend the USAPL for failing to comply with WADA regulations, it was very close to not being possible for Orhii to take part in this meeting. Despite this, Orhii will be competing at the world championships as a representative of the Virgin Islands. As of the time this article was written, there has been no announcement made on Orhii’s subsequent meet.

What are the benefits of breaking an ipf world record

There are many benefits to breaking an ipf world record. These benefits include gaining international recognition, setting a new standard for other athletes to aspire to, and bringing attention to one’s country or sport. Breaking an ipf world record can also lead to financial rewards and sponsorship opportunities. Finally, winning a world record can be a great source of personal satisfaction and pride.

How can you get involved in the sport of powerlifting and attempt to break a world record yourself?

The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) is the international governing body for the sport of powerlifting. They are responsible for setting the rules and regulations for powerlifting competitions, as well as recognizing and sanctioning world records.

How can you get involved in the sport of powerlifting and attempt to break a world record yourself?

If you’re interested in competing in powerlifting and attempting to break a world record, you’ll need to find a local or national federation that is affiliated with the IPF. Once you’ve joined a federation, you can compete in sanctioned events and have your results recorded.

The IPF maintains a list of all current world record holders on their website. This list is updated regularly as new records are set. To be included on this list, you must submit an application to the IPF along with video or photographic evidence of your lift. The IPF will then review your application and determine if you have indeed set a new world record.

If you’re interested in setting a world record in powerlifting, make sure to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the IPF. With dedication and hard work, you may just

F.A.Q Ipf world record holders

Who holds the bench press world record?

The American Julius Maddox achieved a new world record for the bench press without using any equipment (also known as a “raw” record) in 2021. His new record of 355 kg (782 lb) surpassed his previous mark of 349 kg (770 lb).

What is the junior bench press record?

A new Junior world record was set in the Squat with 556 pounds, which is equivalent to 456.3 kilograms (1,006 pounds). a total of 252.2 kilos in the bench press (556 pounds)

How much can a gorilla bench press?

On the bench press, a silverback gorilla can lift 4,000 pounds (1,810 kilograms), but a man with adequate strength training can only lift 885 pounds (401.5 kilograms). According to some studies, gorillas can lift weights that are up to 27 times their own body weight.

What is the world record 17 year old bench press?

At the RPS Revolution Powerlifting Pennsylvania State Championships, which were held in York on July 28, 2017, senior Noah Strine established a world record for the bench press in the 220 pound weight class in which he competed. He was participating in the 16-17 year-old amature category.

Why was Uspl voted out of IPF?

In spite of the fact that USAPL’s anti-doping program is self-regulated and the organization was expelled from the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) for “non-compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code,” USAPL claimed it was far more committed to testing its athletes than any other National Federation.


Powerlifting is a sport that is constantly evolving. The current world record holders are some of the most impressive athletes in history. If you are looking to break a world record, make sure you train hard and stay focused.

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