Is close grip bench harder? Is a Bench Press with a Reverse Grip More Difficult?

In order to appropriately target your shortcomings, it’s crucial to understand why specific bench press variations would seem harder than a regular bench press when choosing which to include in your programme.

Is close grip bench harder
Is close grip bench harder

Is it true that close grip benching is more difficult, and if so, why?

What Makes Bench Pressing More Difficult?

The following are the reasons why a bench press variation is more difficult than a regular bench press:

What Makes Bench Pressing More Difficult?

It Tests a Limited Range of Motion

Depending on your unique strengths, weaknesses, or the overall nature of the lift, bench press variations where a certain segment of the lift is omitted, accentuated, or adjusted can be either easier or tougher.

A dead press or pin press is an example of this, in which the bar is brought to a complete stop on pins as near to chest level as feasible.

If you’re weak off the chest, this will test your ability to recruit enough strength to push the weight off a dead stop, which will feel more difficult than a typical bench press.

It Puts a Strain on a Weaker Muscle Group

It Puts a Strain on a Weaker Muscle Group

Certain bench press variants, such as those involving changes in bench or grip position, are designed to put a weaker muscle group to the test.

As a result, those lifts will most certainly seem more difficult since the bigger, stronger muscles can no longer support the smaller, weaker muscles.

This usually indicates the pecs are less engaged and the triceps, shoulders, or biceps are more involved in the bench press.

Close grip bench press is an example of this, in which your triceps are the focus and must work to push the weight of your chest with less activation from your pecs.

It’s More Difficult Due to Our Individual Mechanics (Limb Lengths)

Certain varieties of bench press may feel more comfortable or less comfortable depending on whether you have long arms, short arms, wide shoulders, or tight shoulders.

A tight grip bench may feel unusual and challenging for someone with a big frame, whereas someone with a smaller frame may have problems recruiting the pecs in a wide grip posture.

When compared to their shorter limbed counterparts, those with longer arms face the additional problem of having greater time under stress, making variations that increase duration under tension or challenge certain ranges of motion that much more difficult for them.

It’s Technically More Difficult

It’s Technically More Difficult

When there’s an extra degree of coordination involved, bench press variants can get hard. It’s not often because we’re weak; it’s more often that we’re clumsy or lack the control needed to manage our weight effectively.

The dumbbell bench press, in all of its variations, is an example of a kind of bench that tests this element. This is due to the fact that both of your arms are free to move independently of one another, and if the weights are not controlled, they can swing in multiple directions, making the lift extremely difficult.

How to Do a Bench Press with a Close Grip

How to Do a Bench Press with a Close Grip
  1. Lie down on the bench with your shoulder blades pulled together and down, and your back slightly arched.
  2. Grip the bar narrower than you would for a typical bench press, so your hands are directly above or even closer to your shoulders.
  3. Inhale deeply, hold your breath, and remove the bar from the rack.
  4. Lower the bar slowly and steadily until it touches your chest near the lower end of your ribs.
  5. While in the top position, take another breath and repeat for reps.

Is a Bench Press with a Close Grip More Difficult?

Is a Bench Press with a Close Grip More Difficult?

Because it de-emphasizes the pec involvement in the press, the close grip bench press is more difficult than a regular bench press with a medium to broad grip. The tight grip also extends the range of motion and, as a result, the duration spent under tension.

A close grip bench is a general term for a bench press with a narrower grip than typical. As a general rule, that’s about a 5 finger width apart from your normal grip, or you can just have your wrists stacked at exactly shoulder-width apart.

Close grip bench press can be used for a variety of purposes, including enhancing lockout strength, providing a break for the shoulders, and growing muscle in the triceps and upper pecs.

Is it easier to use a bench with a narrow grip or a broad grip?

Is it easier to use a bench with a narrow grip or a broad grip?

In conclusion, the broad grip position will emphasise the chest and shoulder muscles while putting a substantial amount of stress on the shoulder joint, and the tight grasp position will emphasise the triceps muscles while also putting a significant amount of stress on the wrist joint.

With a close grip, can you bench more?

With a close grip, can you bench more?

Using a narrow grip to develop upper body pushing strength has been demonstrated to be a fantastic option. The tight grip press provides the potential for greater lift loads and maximum strength growth because the chest and shoulders support the movement.

Is close grip bench harder: Review

Is close grip bench harder: Review

I recently realized that utilizing a close grip, I can bench press at least as much, if not more. Is this typical?

I utilize grip widths that are quite standard. My ring finger is on the barbell’s ring for a typical bench, and my index finger is just on the knurling for a close grasp. I’m 6’5″, so I don’t have an unusually wide grip for my body type.

Is a Bench Press on the Floor More Difficult?

Is a Bench Press on the Floor More Difficult?

The floor press is a bench press performed while lying down on the floor, using dumbbells or barbells. The eccentric phase of the lift ends once your elbows hit the floor, just like it would if you were doing the exercise on a bench.

This is an excellent tool for improving lockout and tricep strength. Because the bar does not come all the way to the chest, it is an excellent choice for those with shoulder sensitivities.

Is a Bench Press with a Reverse Grip More Difficult?

Is a Bench Press with a Reverse Grip More Difficult?

In the reverse grip bench press, you hold the bar with your fingers facing the top of your head rather than your legs. Because it is technically extremely different from the regular bench press, it is not a variation that would be beneficial for a powerlifter preparing for a meet.

It can, however, be utilised as a muscle-building tool for the biceps, triceps, and forearms, as well as a bench press substitute for anyone recovering from an injury and preferring a more comfortable grip.

F.A.Q is close grip bench harder:

Are you stronger on close grip bench?

By giving your triceps the force to straighten your arms, the close grip version will boost your lockout strength. When you do a close grip bench press, you will lift less weight than when you do a conventional bench press. When you’re training alone, this makes it a bit safer activity to push.

Is close grip bench easier?

Points to Remember: In general, people who bench press with a wide grip are 5–6% stronger than those who bench press with a compact grip. Close-grip bench presses provide more velocity and power, whereas wide-grip bench presses produce more force.

Is it easier to bench wide or close grip?

The old assumption that a wide grip bench will engage the lower chest more, while a close grip bench will hit the triceps harder, was confirmed in this study. To improve upper body development and bench press strength, use both grip widths in your training!


The difficulty of a close grip bench depends on a variety of elements, including time under strain, technical demands, muscle areas emphasised, and the range of motion in which it operates.

Overall, most of the examples in this article will seem more difficult than a standard, flat bench press and will require you to alter and drop the weight used in a traditional press.

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