Is smith machine bench press effective? smith machine vs bench press weight difference

Smith machines, with the exception of the bench press, have a terrible reputation.

It’s past time to change that mindset. Smith machine bench presses, when done correctly, can help you break through training plateaus, strengthen your pecs, and lift high loads without the aid of a spotter.

Is smith machine bench press effective
Is smith machine bench press effective

Is smith machine bench press effective? Let’s work together to find the answer to this question in this article.

How to use a smith machine for bench pressing

Step 1: The Setup

How to use a smith machine for bench pressing

To see if there’s a variation between the beginning position and the bottom of the press, look to see if the Smith Machine has a totally vertical path or an angled track. Roll a bench over to the Smith Machine’s centre and position it there; you can use the knurled grip of the bar to help you line up where the centre is.

Lower the bar so that you can reach it while lying flat on your back with your arms fully stretched up towards the ceiling once the bench is in the precise middle of the Smith Machine. Set it on the hooks at the level of your wrists so you have room to push the bar up while unracking it.

Set up the safety pins on both sides after the bar is at the right height and your bench is in the middle, especially if you’re not lifting with a spotter. The safety pins should be put at a height that permits you to descend the bar in a full range of motion, just past 90 degrees with your elbows. The safety pins may not be necessary if you have a spotter, but they are a good precaution to have.

The final step in the first setup is to double-check your body placement to ensure that the bar is aligned with the correct path. To achieve this, lie down on the bench and try to align the bar with or slightly above your nipple line. When utilising a Smith machine with an angled track, keep in mind that the bar should be aligned with your mid to upper chest before un-racking.

Before beginning your working sets, do 5-10 reps with simply the bar to ensure you’re properly set up. After that, you may need to change your position on the bench by sliding your body up or down on it, or by moving the bench itself forwards or back.

Step 2: The Un-Racking

The Un-Racking

The initial part of the Smith press is un-racking. Lie down on your back and reach up to grab the bar with both hands, using an overhand grip that is little wider than shoulder width apart. Keep your chest up and your feet planted on the ground.

To unlock or unrack the bar, press down on it and flex your wrists forwards or backwards, depending on your body posture. If you’re working with an angled Smith Machine, for example, you’ll press up and then bend your wrists forwards to unlock the bar.

Step 3: The Descent

The second motion is the descent or lowering of the bar. Inhale as you lower the bar to your mid-chest, keeping your elbows tucked at a 40-75 degree angle to your side. Your elbows should not extend out to the sides or be tucked in too much against your torso. As the bar is lowered towards your chest, your elbows should be in line with your wrists and the bar.

Lower the bar to your chest or a few inches above your chest, depending on your personal situation. If you lack mobility or have shoulder or elbow problems, you may not be able to get as low as others. Before pressing back up, attempt to get your elbows bent at 90 degrees or little more.

Step 4: The Ascent

The Ascent

Exhale while squeezing your pecs and pushing the bar higher until your arms are fully stretched. To increase duration under stress, you can lockout at the elbows or halt just before full lockout. If you lockout, you’ll go through the whole range of motion while also taking a short break at the top.

Step 5: Re-Racking

After you’ve completed your set of reps, bend your wrists in the opposite direction of how you un-racked the bar. Before removing your hands from the bar, double-check that it is securely connected to the hooks.

On the smith machine bench press, avoid these common form mistakes

Poor Bench Set Up:

On the smith machine bench press, avoid these common form mistakes

Using the Smith Machine has some advantages in terms of simplicity of usage, but it also necessitates a greater awareness of the initial beginning position.

If you move the bench too far forwards or backwards, you risk losing the effectiveness of the exercise or, worse, injuring yourself. This is why, before starting your working sets with weight on the bar, you should do some practise reps with just the bar.

Facing the Wrong Way:

Recognize the sort of machine you’re using and whether it’s vertical or inclined before starting the Smith Machine bench press. If it’s vertical, you have more options for how your body should face. It is entirely up to you whether you like to unrack the bar by flexing your wrists forwards or backwards.

If you’re using an inclined machine, make sure the bench is set up so that when you press up, the bar returns to your head rather than your feet.

Arms and Head Position:

Arms and Head Position:

If you’re using a Smith Machine with a vertical track, you should be right under the bar so that it’s directly above your mid-chest once it’s un-racked. You’ll start with the bar above your upper chest if you’re using an inclined Smith Machine. The bar will then drop to your mid-chest or nipple line as you lower it.

Your head and neck should remain in a neutral position regardless of the Smith Machine you employ.

Grip Position:

When performing a standard bench press on a Smith Machine, use an overhand (pronated) grip with both hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on the bar. Because your elbows are positioned right beneath your wrists, this position allows you to generate the most power. This alignment allows for more effective strength transfer.

Is smith machine bench press effective: Review

The smith machine is not a substitute for the barbell bench press, squat, or any other barbell exercise.

Is smith machine bench press effective: Review

A smith machine locks you into a specific range of motion, whereas a barbell requires the lifter to balance it. The barbell bench press is far more advantageous to any lifter and should be done 100 percent of the time if at all possible.

If you have access to dumbells, I don’t advocate bench pressing on a smith machine. When it comes to pressing, free weights are always the superior option. It will be beneficial to your shoulders.

Smith machine bench presses are used for?

With one exception, the muscles used in Smith Machine bench presses are the same as those in normal barbell bench presses.

When you use a Smith Machine to bench press, your stabilizer muscles don’t have to work as hard to keep the bar going in the right direction. You’ll likely be working identical muscles to press the weight regardless of which bench press or variation you’re doing.

Major Pectoralis:

Smith machine bench presses are used for?

This is the most visible muscle in your chest, and it makes up the majority of it. This muscle, often known as the “pecs,” is principally involved for humeral flexion, internal rotation, and flexion. Simply said, when it comes to most pressing activities, including the Smith Machine bench press, this is the principal mover.

Deltoids anterior:

The anterior deltoid, often known as the front delts, is located in the front of your shoulder. The deltoid helps the pecs push the weight away from the chest.

Triceps Brachii (Triceps Brachii):

Although the triceps isn’t a key mover in the bench press, it does assist you in pressing the weight. The triceps also aid to stabilize the weight in a regular bench press, however the stabilization aspect is considerably diminished when executing Smith Machine presses.

Smith machine bench press vs bench press

Smith machine bench press vs bench press

The Smith machine bench press and the barbell bench press both aim to improve your pushing strength by focusing on your pecs. Both of these workouts have their advantages, but if you have to choose between the two, we recommend the free weight variation to engage more muscle fiber.
The normal bench press is a more well-rounded workout since it engages more stabilizing muscles. The Smith Machine bench press, on the other hand, isolates and activates the pecs better than the barbell bench press, allowing you to press more weight. So, at the end of the day, both the Smith Machine bench press and the bench press have their place.

You must consider your training goals and personal preferences when incorporating these exercises into your workout routine.

Is smith machine bench press effective? Or bad?

Is smith machine bench press effective? Or bad?

Squats are the source of Smith machines’ bad reputation. Squatting on a Smith machine isn’t biomechanically natural, but it allows people to reach positions they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. This may help them to squat deeper than they could with a squat rack alone.

This sounds fantastic in theory. In actuality, this implies that the stabilizing muscles that govern movement aren’t recruited as well as they would be in a free-weight squat. In fact, when compared to free-weight squats, stabilizing muscle activation is 43 percent lower on a Smith machine.

Some strength coaches believe that the Smith machine provides a false sense of stability for the barbell, which can lead to sloppy technique.

As anecdotal evidence, I agree with you. I frequently have to make considerable technique improvements to folks who have previously squatted on a Smith machine in my gym.

F.A.Q is smith machine bench press effective:

Is benching on a Smith machine better?

The smith machine bench press is a secure and safe approach to improve your lifting talents. Bench presses are an excellent exercise since they engage your triceps, shoulders, and chest. Some people believe it’s the most effective compound movement for a complete upper-body workout.

Are machine bench presses effective?

For novices, the chest press machine is a fantastic exercise. It is a simple yet efficient approach to work your upper body. The chest press allows you to focus on your training because there are no weights to balance and no complicated techniques to perfect.

Are machine bench presses effective?

For novices, the chest press machine is a fantastic exercise. It is a simple yet efficient approach to work your upper body. The chest press allows you to focus on your training because there are no weights to balance and no complicated techniques to perfect.


Choose Smith machine bench presses if you’re recovering an injury, exercising your chest without a spotter, or aiming to exhaust your pecs for muscular and strength gains.

We hope that as more people become aware of the advantages of using the Smith machine for benching, they will give it a try. So, the next time you’re at the gym and need to get some bench presses in, head over to the Smith machine, which is often misinterpreted, and start pushing!

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