Is trap bar deadlift easier? Can trap bar deadlifts replace squats?

The trap bar and the barbell are two very different pieces of equipment that you can use to pull large weight. Both of these devices are designed to be loaded with plates and used to help you gain strength.

Is trap bar deadlift easier
Is trap bar deadlift easier

However, you may have heard some terrible myths regarding the trap bar when it comes to deadlifting. Is it true that deadlifting with a trap bar is easier? The post will answer all of your questions.

How to Do a Deadlift with a Trap Bar

How to Do a Deadlift with a Trap Bar

Set up inside the bar in a similar manner to a barbell deadlift. Because you won’t be able to use the barbell to align your feet, make sure the handles are roughly lined up with your ankles. Keep your shins reasonably upright while pushing your hips back as you find your stance.

As you get a better grasp, pull your shoulder blades down. To avoid hyperextending your back, engage your lats and press through the ground to stand, tightening your glutes at the top of the pull. Reverse the movement while maintaining complete control.

The Trap Bar Deadlift has a lot of advantages.

The Trap Bar Deadlift has a lot of advantages.
  • Strengthens your entire body, with a strong focus on your back and grip.
  • Allows you to carry heavy items without putting excessive strain on your back extensors.
  • Allows you to get a little more quad training in during your deadlift sessions.

Variations on the Trap Bar Deadlift

Variations on the Trap Bar Deadlift

You can use a trap bar in a variety of ways, but you don’t need one to imitate the effects of a trap bar deadlift. When your gym doesn’t have a trap bar, the following workouts provide an alternative to trap bar deadlifting, as well as a strategy to optimise the hamstring-building potential of your trap bar.

Suitcase Deadlift with Double Kettlebells

For the suitcase deadlift, you’ll need some heavy kettlebells. You may simulate the posture of a trap bar deadlift by turning a standard kettlebell deadlift into a suitcase type deadlift.

This isn’t a cheap knockoff; except from a tiny drop in overall weight, there’s nothing watered down about this variety. Because kettlebells add a significant amount of instability to your workout, you’ll have to work extra hard to keep your core stable.

Romanian Deadlift with Trap Bar

Straighten your legs a little if you’re worried that trap bar deadlifts aren’t hitting your hamstrings hard enough. Trap bar Romanian deadlifts can be performed utilising the same fundamental cues and techniques as barbell Romanian deadlifts. While still hitting your hammies, moving the load closer to the midline will minimise spine stress.

Which is better: trap bar deadlifts or barbell deadlifts?

Which is better: trap bar deadlifts or barbell deadlifts?

There isn’t a single way to create strength, and there never has been. For various people, different ways work. Not only that, but performing the same thing over and over won’t help you advance.

Each sort of deadlift has its own set of advantages and will assist you in distinct ways. As a result, the answer is to do both.

You’ll give yourself the best chance to adapt, progress, and get stronger by modifying your deadlift style as well as the equipment you use. However, the trap bar deadlift and the barbell deadlift each have their own set of advantages.

Deadlift drawbacks at the trap bar

Deadlift drawbacks at the trap bar

• Trap bar deadlifts are quad-heavy, so they don’t emphasise your posterior chain. You’ll need to use barbell deadlifts or other additional exercises if you truly want to drive the weight back and focus your hamstrings and lower back.

• If you’re short, these can be challenging because hex bars are a fixed size, so you don’t have much control over how wide your arms are.

• They’re less difficult – in the world of weight training, more difficult is normally preferable because that’s what will help you get stronger. So, while trap bar deadlifts are excellent for beginners, barbell deadlifts are critical for overall improvement.

Is trap bar deadlift easier: Review

Is trap bar deadlift easier: Review

It is essentially easier for the majority of people. You can lift more weight, don’t have to worry as much about leg drive technique, and the grip is easier because the bar isn’t rolling or rubbing against your thighs. Many people, even those who are professionals on a straight barbell, can lift a good 20+kg more on an equally long distance pull on the hex bar.

Another thing to remember is that most hex bars and trap bars have handles that are higher than the framework, which shortens the bar path by at least 10-12cm. When comparing this type of trap bar pull against a raised straight bar, you’ll always find that the trap bar has the best leverage.

With a trap bar, can you deadlift more?

With a trap bar, can you deadlift more?

Is trap bar deadlifting easier?  Although the weights are similar in both movements, most people can deadlift more weight with a trap-bar, especially when using the high handles.

While both deadlifts develop the hip hinge pattern, the trap bar deadlift has a slightly higher peak spine and hip moment and the barbell deadlift has a slightly higher peak knee moment.

Can trap bar deadlifts replace squats?

Can trap bar deadlifts replace squats?

As a result, not only is the trap bar deadlift a safer option to the standard deadlift for lower back issues, but it’s also a wonderful action for a thigh-specific training. Because the trap bar variant of the deadlift puts more stress on the quads, it can be utilised instead of squats.

F.A.Q is trap bar deadlift easier:

How much does trap bar add to deadlift?

Finally, a quote from the study on peak joint moments in both conventional and trap bar deadlifts: The weights used were all based on the subjects’ traditional deadlift maximums. With a trap bar, they were able to deadlift 8.4% more weight.

Are trap bars easier?

Trap bar deadlifts are slightly easier to do than standard deadlifts, making them suitable for novices. The bar route is straight, the grip is easier to achieve, and your lower back is less stressed. You don’t strike your shins with the bar – when executing barbell deadlifts, it’s simple to hit your shins with the bar.

Is trap bar deadlift for legs or back?

Traditional deadlifts stress your lower back more than trap bar deadlifts, but trap bar deadlifts train your leg muscles more. The trap bar deadlift provides slightly more complete lower body training than the standard deadlift if you only practise one lower body exercise.


Despite the fact that trap bar deadlifts don’t have the best reputation, there’s no reason not to include them in your training. If you have low back pain or want to improve your power, trap bar deadlifts should be higher on your priority list than you previously thought.

Even if barbell deadlifts are still your prefered deadlifting method, including the trap bar deadlift in your regimen to maximise your results.

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