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Strict curl record weight classes. Strict Curl Standards for Men and Women (lb)

At this time, “strict curl record weight classes” is becoming more popular, and everyone is participating in it. Because the strict bicep curl record has not yet been established in the same way that the squat, bench press, and deadlift records have, it is quite difficult to locate it.

Within the next five minutes, Field John is going to provide you with some enlightenment on the subject of stringent curl record weight classes.

Curl Controversy

Nizami Tagiev and Leroy Walker now share the title of co-holder of the stringent curl world record. Leroy Walker established the 114-kilogram strict curl world record at the Johnnie O. Jackson Classic on August 28, 2021. However, Walker’s 114-kilogram rigorous curl caused a stir in the powerlifting community; as a result, Tagiev’s claim that his lift is the all-time world record was met with some resistance.
A lot of people, including Tagiev, thought that Dennis Cyplenkov’s 113-kilogram lift was a better record than Walker’s record for the rigorous curl. Critics of Walker feel that he had an unfair edge at the beginning of the race because his elbows were bent too much, which limited the range of motion he could do. Some people believe that Walker’s grip was too tight, and that spotters really delivered the barbell to him. Last but not least, there were worries that the bar had been loaded incorrectly. National Powerlifting Committee (NPLC) officials, who were present during the competition, examined the weight, and then gave the all clear for the lift to proceed.

The current bicep curl world record revealed (strict, barbell, dumbbell, one-arm)

What is the heaviest curl ever recorded?

Reportedly accomplished in 1985 by three-time winner of the world’s strongest man competition Bill Kazmaier, the biggest curl ever recorded included an amazing 440 pounds of resistance. [2]

Even though there is no video of this lift, and even though it was probably done with less than optimum technique, there is no reason to dispute Kazmaier’s genuineness in light of the fact that he has performed previous remarkable lifts.

Since the goal of this category is to determine who has performed the heaviest ever recorded bicep curl, there is no need for it to be very restrictive.

Everyone, of course, has their own opinion on the correct way to do a curl as well as the appropriate amount of momentum to employ when performing a curl.

There is video of Magnus Samuelsson doing the “best-performed biggest barbell curl,” which involves him curling a weight of 140 kilograms (308 pounds) for a number of repetitions while maintaining relatively decent technique. His big barbell curl repetitions, which he performed with slow-negatives, didn’t seem to push him all that much, and he wasn’t leaning back as much as other lifters were either. This may have been one of the reasons why.

What is the heaviest dumbbell curl?

Kali Muscle, a YouTuber, now holds the world record for the dumbbell curl with a weight of 200 pounds. Even though he didn’t adhere to a proper form while curling, the majority of individuals couldn’t even physically handle 200 pounds in their hands, much alone curl a weight of that magnitude!
In addition, the video of Kali Muscle doing curls with dumbbells weighing 150 pounds reveals that he has significantly improved his technique. Even though he is technically doing a hammer curl across his body and using momentum, he is still able to activate a good portion of his biceps.

There are cases of lifters doing flawless repetitions with around half the weight. On the other hand, it’s quite unlikely that these folks would be able to move weights weighing 150 pounds as Kali did.

Because Kali performed each curl with a single dumbbell (one arm at a time), he was able to direct all of his strength on lifting each individual weight with the greatest possible amount of power. Because he lifted each dumbbell in turn, his brain did not have to divide its attention between his two limbs, therefore he was able to lift more weight.

When seeking to break the record for the most number of repetitions performed with a dumbbell curl, taking advantage of his strategy was a wise move.

What is the world record one arm curl?

Doc. Weber, who runs the popular YouTube channel, is the current holder of the world record for the one-arm bicep curl. Although there are other persons who have lifted heavier weight with one hand, these lifts were not even close to being as rigorous as Doc. Weber’s single arm bicep curl, which weighed 61 kilograms (134.5 lb).

Doc. Weber used an adjustable bench as support as he lowered the huge dumbbell (which the overwhelming majority of people wouldn’t be able to bench press) the vast majority of the way down. He then used his extraordinary bicep power to curl the dumbbell back up to its starting position.

If he had been standing when he attempted this lift, do you think he would have been successful?
I doubt it. His arm was braced on an incline bench, which dramatically changed the strength curve of the exercise. Despite the fact that his 61 kilogram curl is amazing, it was obviously made simpler by the fact that his arm was braced against the bench.

What is the world record preacher curl?

The preacher curl world record stands at 182 pounds (82.5 kg). The Swedish weight lifter Thommy Ohlund, who runs the YouTube account ThommyGodlover, is responsible for this lift.

There is video of C.T. Fletcher and a buddy doing EZ bar preacher curls with 205 pounds on each of their shoulders. Their range of motion was far narrower than Thommy’s, and as a result, their performance shouldn’t be included as a strict preacher curl record even if it was a tremendous feat of strength.
Particularly noteworthy is the fact that Thommy’s form was deserving of the record since he used the whole available range of motion. Although he did lean forward a little bit and then back, which may have helped him produce some momentum, he employed a considerably wider range of motion than the other persons who tried to break the preacher curl record.

 Male Strict Curl Standards (lb)

What do the strength standards mean?

What exactly does it imply when we talk about strength standards?

More powerful than the top 5 percent of all lifters. A beginning weightlifter is capable of successfully performing the exercise and has practiced it for at least a month.
More powerful than twenty percent of all lifters. A beginner weightlifter is someone who has not been lifting consistently for at least a half a year.


more powerful than fifty percent of all lifters. An intermediate lifter is someone who has practiced the method on a consistent basis for at least two years.


More powerful than eighty percent of other lifters. A lifter who is considered advanced has made improvement for more than five years.


Stronger than 95% of all lifters in the competition. Over the course of at least five years, a lifter who is considered to be of top caliber developed the necessary skills to compete in strength sports.

Strict bicep curl by weight class

Everyone is looking for some reliable information regarding the workout known as the “Strict Curl” at the moment since it is becoming more popular.

A common inquiry is, “How many repetitions of the curl should I do for my bodyweight?” It’s incredibly tough to find the record for the strict bicep curl since it hasn’t been around as long as the squat, bench press, and deadlift, but I did my best to compile a list covering the years 1945 to current and included the bodyweight for each lifter. Just make a comparison between yourself and those athletes, and you could find the solution there.

Strict bicep curl by weight class

152lb/69kg by Arthur Verge

Arthur had a maximum deadlift of 468 pounds and could slow curl 152 pounds. In addition to that, he performed one hundred curls with a 45-pound dumbbell (50 each arm). When Arthur achieved his record of 152 pounds for a two-hands slow curl, these were his measurements at the time: Bicep 16 and a half inches. 12 and a half inch forearms Weight 10st./ 140lb (source Strength and Health Magazine 1945 July)

200lb/90kg by George Rasso Stangelmeier

He was a member of the Rasso trio, which was a group of three powerful German guys. His two-arm curl of little more than 200 pounds is on par with the greatest in the world. (information derived from Muscle Power, October 1950, page 22)

200lb/90kg by Al Berger

Al Berger, the all-around grip artist and champion reverse curl exponent, has achieved 175 pounds in a palms down curl and was capable of 200 pounds in a regular curl. In the standard curl, he was able to curl. (this time, the source is Muscle Power from October 1950 on page 22)

170lb/77kg by Tommy Kono

Tommy Kono disclosed to bodybuilding Photographer ‘John Corlett’ that he could curl 170 pounds and that his bodyweight was around 174 pounds. The photograph was published in the S&H magazine issue of December 1959.

John Corlett had a conversation with Tommy, and I’d like to quote him on this:

He also said that it was completed in the “British manner.” After that, he gave a very brief demonstration of the “British style” of curling the barbell. Let me see if I can adequately describe what he showed us: First, you drag the barbell up your torso until the forearms are parallel to the ground. After that, you perform a strict curl with a straight back and with the upper arms close to the body. After that, I made an effort to get further information on this particular kind of curling; however, Tommy was then confronted by a frenzied “fan,” and I went on. ?”

235lb/106kg by Luthers Rogers

The photo was published in S&H in November of 1960 and showed Luther’s Roger strict curling 235 pounds.

Fred Sulis

At the Los Angeles Powerlifting Championships on October 12, 1963, Fred Sulis lifted 180 pounds with strict form despite having a bodyweight of just 157 and a half pounds. The late Bob Hise once said, “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have no reason to accept it.” (information derived from Iron Master, volume 28, page 50, December 1999)

215lb/97kg by Pat Casey

Pat Casey is seen curling 215 pounds in the September 1964 edition of MD.

203lb/92kg by Gene Fisher

In the January 1965 edition of Muscular Development, Gene Fisher is seen doing a curl while using 203 pounds of resistance. Using a barbell not EZ Bar!

210lb/95kg by CT FLETCHER

I was able to obtain a photo of Ct Fletcher, who has a body weight of 275 pounds and is noted for his powerful arms, doing a rigorous curl with 210 pounds of weight from Dale Harder’s book, Strength & Speed. (The date is not known)

# 260lb/118kg – you can’t beat oldschool!

Doug Hepburn, who was born in 1926, is considered the master of the tight curl. At the moment, Denis Cyplenkov is recognized as the person who holds the record for the strict curl with 249 pounds.

However, in my view, Doug Hepburn is still the one who holds the record for the current rigorous curl with 260 pounds (118 kilograms), and not Denis. It has been written about extensively in muscle publications as well as on It is important to note that Doug did it with a straight bar, which makes the exercise more challenging than doing it with an ez-bar.

Strict Curl Rules

A contestant is required to abide by the following guidelines in order for a strict curl to be regarded a legal event:
Throughout the whole of the lift, it is necessary to keep the head, upper body, and glutes against a wall. If any of the three body parts leave the wall while climbing up or down, the lift is not considered to have been completed successfully.
The lifter’s heels must be no more than 12 inches from the wall, and they are not allowed to utilize their legs or any momentum to assist in lifting the weight.

Strict Curl Rules

The burden has to be raised until the coiled position is reached (near the chin or throat).

At the peak of the movement, the competitor is required to have full command of the load, which they must then maintain until they get the “down” signal from an official or judge.

A curl may be performed with either an EZ or a straight barbell for the lifter.

F.A.Q Strict curl record weight classes

What is a good weight for strict curls?

What does a typical tight curl look like? The weight that a female lifter typically uses for a strict curl is 54 pounds on average (1RM). This is a pretty outstanding lift, and it moves you up to the Intermediate level on the Strength Scale. How should a decent Strict Curl be done? The one-repetition maximum (1RM) for women who are just starting out should be 14 pounds, which is still rather good when compared to the average person.

Is curling 50 pound dumbbells good?

Curling dumbbells weighing 50 pounds for repetitions is, without a doubt, a pretty amazing feat of strength for anybody who lifts weights on a daily basis. The more repetitions and sets you do, the better your technique has to be, and the more weight you curl with your biceps, the more stunning a 50-pound bicep curl will be.

What is an impressive strict curl?

A strict curl is a type of curl that is performed with a weight that is heavier than the average curl. This type of curl is typically performed with a weight that is around 100 pounds or more. The strict curl world record is held by a woman who curls with a weight of 132 pounds. This is an impressive feat because it is more than double the weight of the average curl.

Is curling 80 pound dumbbells good?

Assuming that your technique is correct during the whole lift, a barbell curl with 80 pounds is a respectable amount of weight to lift. If you train regularly, curling a barbell that weighs 80 pounds may add a significant amount of growth to your biceps, but doing so won’t attract anyone’s notice unless you’re really slender. However, lifting that much weight can help you create a significant amount of biceps size.

Is 100 kg bicep curl good?

The title of this article is 100 Kg Bicep Curl Good. This is a question that many people have asked, and there is no definite answer. People usually perform bicep curls with weight that is proportionate to their body size. So, for someone who is very large, they might perform 100 kg bicep curls. However, for someone who is smaller, they might only perform 50 kg bicep curls.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to the effectiveness of a bicep curl. The weight that you use, the number of reps that you perform, and the time that you spend performing the curl are all important.


The current world record for the strict curl is held by . In order to break the record, you’ll need to be able to curl more than.

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