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14 year old squat record. What are the Benefits of Squatting?

In the world of sports, there are many records that are considered unbreakable. The Boston Marathon record, the Michael Phelps gold medal count and Nolan Ryan’s seven no-hitters all come to mind. But sometimes a new challenger comes along and shatters the old record. Such is the case with 14 year old ¬†Josh Bland recent squat record.

In this post, we will discuss the world record squat. What is the world record squat? 14 year old squat record. With 5 minutes to watch Field John will answer the press bench world record. let’s start>>

What is the world record squat for a 14-year-old

Jordan Burroughs of Ohio, 14 years old at the time, achieved the world record squat with 805 pounds in March of 2016.

What are the Benefits of Squatting?

Squatting is a great exercise for overall fitness because it works many different muscles in your body.

What are the Benefits of Squatting?
What are the Benefits of Squatting?

There are many benefits to squatting, including: increased strength, improved posture, better breathing, and improved overall fitness. Squatting is a great exercise for people of all ages, and can help improve your overall health.

The Future of the Squat

The squat is a compound exercise that involves the use of the legs, torso, and arms to lift a weight off the ground. It is one of the most versatile exercises and can be done with a variety of weights and repetitions.

The Future of the Squat
The Future of the Squat

The squat is an important part of a fitness routine for people of all ages, and it can help build muscle, burn fat, and improve balance. With continued progress, the squat could one day become the world record for a 14-year-old.

Meet the 14-year-old Josh Bland schoolboy who can deadlift more than twice his body weight and dreams of being a Crossfit champ

Meet the high school student who can deadlift more than double his own body weight and aspires to be a CrossFit champion despite just being 14 years old.
Since he was 11 years old, Josh Bland has been participating in CrossFit workouts. He has been excitedly anticipating his 14th birthday, which is when he would be eligible to participate in weightlifting.

When the time finally arrived, the pandemic meant that contests had to be postponed, and instead, the adolescent has been working very hard in the improvised gym that his family has set up in their home.

Josh, who lives in Silksworth, is just 14 years old, yet he can deadlift 170 kilograms (26 stone 7 pounds), bench press 95 kilograms (14 stone 9 pounds), and squat 135 kilograms (21st 2lbs).
The Farringdon School student is motivated to continue developing despite training alongside his father, Eddy Bland, and his older brother, Nathan, who is 19.

Eddy, who is 48 years old and a proud father, said as follows: “He simply continues exceeding my expectations; it seems like virtually every week he achieves a new personal best.”

“Becoming a professional crossfitter is at the top of his bucket list for his whole life.

“He began his training three years ago in anticipation of competing when he became 14, but despite having reached that age, he is unable to participate in the competition due to covid.
The young man can deadlift more than two and a half times his own weight despite being just 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 68 kg.

The current world record for the biggest deadlift by a 14-year-old was set by a youngster from the United States and stands at 160 kilograms; this is 10 kilograms less than Josh’s personal best.

“According to Eddy, “there is a global record of 808 pounds for a 14-year-old that has stood for a few years, and he’s classified as the strongest 14-year-old in any country on Google.”
The record was set for a combined effort of bench pressing, squatting, and deadlifting. The aggregate weight of Josh is 882 pounds, which is 74 pounds more than the previous world record.

Meet the 14-year-old schoolboy who can deadlift more than twice his body weight and dreams of being a Crossfit champ

In the second half of this year, Josh and his older brother Nathan have set their sights on competing in the European CrossFit Finals.

“Twice a day, Josh puts in work at the gym,” Eddy, who manages The Golden Fleece in Silksworth, remarked.

We purchased the bar just before the second lockdown, and since we are unable to operate it at the moment, we have converted a portion of the outside beer garden into a fitness center.”

Even if there isn’t exactly a light at the end of the tunnel or a fixed tournament to practice for, he still has all of this drive to train throughout the last year.

“In order for him to qualify in May, he will need to be in the top 15 among teens; this means that he will be fighting against those who are 16 and 17 years old; he is an underdog, but he is motivated.”

14-year-old powerlifter keeps breaking records

Jake Schellenschlager initially came to the attention of the media across the globe in 2013, when he set a record for deadlifting 300 pounds. At the age of 13, this was more than twice his body weight, and it was this accomplishment that gave him the moniker “The Wonder Kid.” In addition to being featured in Muscle and Fitness, he has been interviewed for articles in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and a number of news programs from all over the globe.

The powerlifting superstar has set new benchmarks for strength and smashed more records with his incredible performances. In July of this past year, he competed in Las Vegas for the USPA National Championships and won first place. The combined weight of all three lifts, 808 pounds, set a new record for the United States. He finished with a deadlift of 340 pounds, a bench press of 215 pounds, and a squat of 253 pounds.

14-year-old powerlifter keeps breaking records

Jake is presently a member at World Gym Glen Burnie in Maryland, which is the location where he was originally exposed to the “exercise bug” by his father. Now, he works out under the direction of Mike Sarni, an experienced trainer who works at his gym.

14-Year Old Alayna Easterly Deadlifts 147.5kg (3.1 Times Her Bodyweight)

Easterly’s grip strength is one component that is outstanding in its own right and is on par with the deadlift itself. Due to the fact that her hands are much smaller in comparison to those of older athletes, the level of grip strength that she must possess in order to pull more than three times her bodyweight must be amazing.

Since Easterly possesses excellent setup and technique for the deadlift, it will be fascinating to see her as she continues to advance in the sport. It’s possible that she may become one of the future female greats, given her bloodlines and the power she shows right now. In addition to that, she already has several records from her childhood and adolescent years in the states of Wisconsin and the United States.

When we talk about powerful kids that have the potential to become greats in the future, we should not forget about some of the incredible lifts that we have already seen this year from athletes like Joseph Pena and Shen Guo Wei.

Joseph Pena, a powerlifter from Texas who is just 18 years old, set a new IPF Sub-Junior record in late March by doing a back squat with an equipped weight of 1,025 pounds.
At this competition, Pena won first place in his class and amassed an unbelievable total of 2,145 pounds, which if it were verified would be another IPF sub-junior world record.

This year, a Chinese weightlifter named Shen Guo Wei, who weighs 62 kg, was also caught on tape lifting some astounding weight. Check out this 17-year-simple old’s squat of 220 kilograms (481 pounds) when he weighed just 62 kilograms (136 pounds) back in late January.

Whats the most a 14 year old has ever benched?

Morgan Nicholls, a 14-year-old powerlifter, bench presses 184 kilograms (405 pounds) | BarBend.

How much can a 14 year old bench?

What is the Typical Benchmark for Someone Who Is 14 Years Old? The typical bench press for males aged 14 is equal to one times their bodyweight. The ratio of 0.7 bodyweight to bench press strength is typical for girls aged 14 years old.

FAQ 14 year old squat record

What is the max deadlift for a 14 year old?

What is a typical deadlift for someone who is 14 years old? The average number of times a man 14-year-bodyweight old’s that they can deadlift is 1.8. The typical girl who is 14 years old has a deadlift strength that is 1.6 times their bodyweight. The range of possible deadlifts for men is 105 kg to 174 kg, while the range for women is 77 kg to 121 kg, depending on the weight class.

How much should a 14 year old lift?

You should begin with a weight that you can comfortably lift 10 times, with the final two repetitions becoming progressively more difficult as the set progresses. This is a solid rule of thumb. This might be anything from one to two pounds for certain adolescents. It is recommended that you begin with 15 to 20 pounds if you are already strong and fit. When lifting, be sure you move the weights in a controlled and smooth manner.

What is the world record for 13 year old squat?

Her total of 639.3 pounds, which she achieved by squatting 214.9 pounds, bench pressing 121.3 pounds, and dead lifting 303.1 pounds, created a new record that was validated by USA Powerlifting.

What is the world record for a 15 year old squat?

When you were 15 years old, what were some of the things that you did?

How much should a 14 year old female squat?

The squat strength of girls aged 14 is around 1.3 times their bodyweight on average. Squats for men will vary anywhere from 82 kg to 151 kg, while those for women will be anywhere from 58 kg to 103 kg, depending on the weight class.


Breaking the world record squat can have many benefits. It can help you become stronger, faster, and more flexible. It can also help you lose weight and improve your overall health.

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